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The History Behind 'The Western Shop'

The Western Shop is possibly one of the oldest Western Tack Stores in the UK.  Originally started in the name of Heathlands Western.  However following the sad death of Brian Carter of Heathlands Western in 2003 the shop was sold in its entirety.

Starting from such a great foundation we have carried on in much the same vein.  We still stock the Brands that Brian and Anne carried at the beginning, These lines have expanded as the business has grown.  We have added more quality lines over the last three years, with more on the way.

We hold all the items on the website in stock (except for bespoke items which are made to order) but as things are going out daily sometimes we can run short of a colour or size.  However, stock is rapidly replenished from the USA.  

We have a simple philosophy of keeping only 'tried and tested quality merchandise' and if we would not use it ourselves, then we won't sell it to you. 

12 years later and Fiona and Kelvyn still remain commited to bringing you the very best products that are hand selected and evaluated before reaching the store.  Dale Chavez products are hand picked by Fiona when she is in the States, they are then flown home to the UK.  Its just one example of the care that goes into product selection. Just because its a western product, does not mean it will be stocked in the store.

There are big plans in process and as the store moves forward so will our brands.  There are no 'Grey Imports' here, so you can be sure that when you buy from The Western Shop, that you have the support of america's leading manufacturers.

'Quality authentic Western Tack and equipment, imported from the USA at great prices'