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D Ring Snaffles

All bits are 5" mouth unless otherwise stated, or a choice of sizes is given.

Bob Avila AVB-200 D Ring Snaffle
5 1/2 inch mouth Snaffle.
Clear Signal Equine Foundation Deluxe Snaffle
Developed for maximum comfort in the horses mouth.
Clear Signal Equine Foundation Snaffle
Developed for maximum comfort in the horses mouth.
Professionals Choice Equisential D Ring Snaffle
The All Essential D Ring Snaffle
Professional's Choice Ted Robinson Weighted D Ring
Weighted D Ring excellent Training Bit
Pro-Stuff Antique Silver Show Snaffle
Antique Finish & Copper Inlay
Reinsman 203
Adds lip pressure to opposite side.
Reinsman 204
Lip Pressure added to opposite side with mullen relief.
Reinsman 209
Ideal for young colts, needing a little more control.
Reinsman 225
Perfect for that Bitting Journey.
Reinsman 252
Opposite side lip pressure with tongue pressure.
Reinsman 281
No Pinch Sweet Iron.
Reinsman 292
The all essential 'Billy Allen' Dee.
Reinsman 299 Square Twist Sweet Iron Snaffle
Excellent for a horse lugging on the bit.