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Shank Bits

 These bits constitute a good cross section of popular its. When choosing a bit ensure that it meets the regulations of your chosen affiliate.  If you need help or advice then please call 01246 747747.

All bits are 5" mouth unless stated otherwise - or a size choice is given.

Bob Avila 'Byron Shank' Correctional Bit
Stunning Shank Bit in 5 1/4 inch
Bob Avila 'Byron Shank' Straight Bar Roller
For those who need a little more room.
Bob Avila 'Byron Shank' Swivel Port Bit
The 7 Style Shank prevents lipping the bit.
Bob Avila Copper Correctional Shank Bit
Our bestselling Correctional.
Bob Avila Copper Snaffle Bit
Our bestselling Copper Bit.
Bob Avila 'Santa Maria Shank Ported Roller
Gives a more gradual feel.
Bob Avila 'Signature Shank' Cathedral Port
Perfect for the Senior Horse
Bob Avila 'Signature Shank' Correctional Bit
Beautifully designed and balanced.
Professional's Choice Clear Signal Equine Correctional
The Correctional we have all been waiting for.
Professionals Choice Equisential EQB-8O4 Correctional
The All Essential Correctional Bit
Professionals Choice Equisential Medium Port
the All Essential Medium Port Bit
Randy Paul 'MacKenzie' Correctional
Beautifully styled to resemble a horseshoe.
Randy Paul 'Seventy Seven Shank' Spoon Bit
5 1/4 Inch Mouth
£79.99 £89.99
Reinsman Argentine Snaffle
Low Leverage with a little Curb Pressure.
Reinsman 'Cowboy' Shank
High Port Sweet Iron
Reinsman D & L Reiner - 3/8" Shank
No Pinch Reining Bit.
Reinsman D & L Reiner 1/2" Sweet Iron Medium Port Shank
Stabilise the shoulders with this fixed bit.
Reinsman D & L Reiner 7/16" with Copper Roller Shank
Sweet & Sour, Copper and Sweet Iron Mouth.
Reinsman D & L Reiner 'Billy Allen' Shank
The nicest medium control 'Billy Allen' ever made!
Reinsman 'Tom Thumb' Copper Snaffle
Top Quality all essential Tom Thumb.